How to Safely Remove USB Drive in iPad Mini/iPad/iPad Air/iPad Pro

In this tutorial I will show you how to safely remove USB drive in iPad, I will use iPad Mini 5 to showing you how to do that, basically it’s no different for every iPad generation because iPadOS 13 support and maybe iPadOS 14 doesn’t have safely remove USB drive.

Since iPadOS 13, Apple make the latest iPad or previous iPad have a function to connect any disk drive to the iPad, but Apple forgot to add Safely Remove USB Drive options just like on the MacOS or in Window where we can eject the drive from the computer before unplug it, it’s classic feature but they forget about it.

Because there’s no option to Safely Remove USB Drive in iPad when we connect Flash Drive, Hard Disk Drive or SSD, I will show you two methods that really easy. It will work in most iPad line-up, even for iPad Pro with USB Type-C.

First Method to Safely Remove USB Drive in iPad

Make sure before doing this method, you already finish sending the file and there’s no transferring file is running, you can easily looking at the LED light is not blinking on the SSD drive enclosure if you are using SSD/Hard Drive enclosure (I made a tutorial how to connect iPad Mini 5 to SSD Drive here).

Just make sure all transferring process is already completed, usually after the transfer file between two devices is completed, you need to wait 1-2 minutes before do this method, because in my experience the drive still communication with the iPad even there’s no transferring file is running.

Because we transferring file using built in app in iPad called Files, you can double click on the Home tab to showing Recently Used App, find Files app then SWIPE UP once to close the app, then you can unplug the drive from your iPad.

If you are using iPad Pro, from the Home Screen swipe up until you see Recently Used App, find Files app and SWIPE UP once to close the app, and you can unplug the drive cable. That’s it!

Second Methods to Safely Remove USB Drive in iPad

This is the final methods you can use to Safely Remove Drive in iPad. It’s just easy, after transferring file is completed then you can TURN OFF your iPad. Turn off your iPad, unplug the drive cable and turning ON your iPad again, that’s it!

The question MAYBE you ask is which one the safest method? The answer is Second Method, because iPad will turning off all the connection automatically if shutdown. So, we don’t have to worry the USB drive will fail or not readable.

We hope Apple added Safely Remove Device soon for iPad, still they will add these feature 2 years later.