How to Connect iPad Mini 5 to SSD Drive, It Just Work and Easy

In this post I will show you step by step very detailing how to connect your iPad Mini 5 to SSD drive, and if you are the owner of iPad Mini, this tutorial will help you a lot and saving time to make a file backup.

I own iPad Mini 5 since October 2019 and become my very first iPad. I choose iPad Mini 5 because the size is small, compact and perfect for my traveling partner. Since that, I always bring my iPad Mini 5 wherever I go, to write a blog, storing photo and videos from iPhone, make a backup and doing photo and video editing. It’s absolutely perfect device and can edit 4K 60fps from iPhone 11 Pro without a problem.

But still, cannot replace Macbook Pro, I own 15 inch Macbook Pro 2019 as my working machine. The iPad Mini cannot replace my work from Macbook Pro, because I use Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Office 365 including PowerPoint and Word. Those software I use everyday for working when the iPad cannot support the software, but there are Office too but not full feature like in Mac version.

Mostly using my iPad Mini 5 for photo and video editing, storing photo and video from iPhone 11 Pro, then transfer it into SSD drive. This is the better way for me and fast than using a Macbook. And how to connect iPad Mini 5 to SSD Drive?

The tools you need to buy is Lightning to USB 3.0 adapter, it will help you to connect your iPad Mini 5 to SSD Drive, and it also works for iPad Mini 4 version. The device has one USB 3.0 port and lightning port to give extra power to the SSD and you can also charge your iPad. The cost of the adapter is around $60, you can buy in nearest Apple Authorized Reseller or Apple Store. The device is small and compact, you can store in your bag anytime.

And what about the SSD drive? I own the SSD drive but what adapter housing I should use?

I use Orico Transparent SSD Drive enclosure. You can buy one below. You need an enclosure drive support SATA 3. So with that, you can connect the SSD you own now to the iPad. Doesn’t matter the size of your SSD, but the maximum usually up to 2 TB.

How to Connect iPad Mini 5 to SSD Drive

Make sure you already formatted the SSD drive to exFAT from your Mac or Windows. If you are using iPad Mini but your computer using Windows, so you can read also your file in iPad and Windows. exFAT just universal, you can open any system. Make a note that!

Unlock your iPad Mini 5 first then change the screen time to 15 minutes or never, it depends how many file you want to store from iPad to SSD. If the file is bigger than 10 GB, you can change the screen time to Never. Why need to do that? Because if your iPad Mini is locked, the transfer between the iPad and SSD will interrupt or fail, that’s my experience for many times. Make sure you change the iPad Mini screen times to 15 minutes or never.

Secondly, connect your iPad Mini 5 with the adapter, then connect lightning cable to the adapter, it also can charge your iPad. Finally connect your SSD drive into the adapter. If the adapter without the lightning port charger, the SSD drive will not work because the power delivery from lighting port in iPad Mini is very low, that’s why Apple make the lightning port in the Adapter, you can give the power to SSD and you can also charge your iPad Mini at the same time. We hope the next iPad Mini support USB Type C.

Using Files App

After you connect the iPad and the SSD, it needs 3-5 second the iPad can read the SSD. You can go to Files app, you will see the SSD drive on the left sidebar, you can see the SSD name or usually without the name only recognized as UNTITLED or NO NAME.

That’s it! The next step you can transfer any file from iPad to SSD drive to make backup or pulling the file from SSD to iPad. All the files and transfer process you can see only with the Files app.

Because iPad support split screen, you can use Files app as split screen on iPad Mini 5 too. First split window on the left for iPad Storage, and the second split window on the right for SSD drive.

How to Copy and Paste?

Make sure you are using Split Screen. To copy and paste from iPad to SSD or otherwise, you can tap and hold the folder or file, hold and drag to the right window, then the transfer will begin. It will not move the folder or file, only copy and paste, you can delete the other folder or file later after the transfer is completed.

You see the circle loading bar on the folder to see the transfer progress, if you not see it, maybe the file is smaller so the transfer is very fast. You will notice it if the file size is big.

How to Safely Remove in iPad Mini 5?

Unfortunately there’s no Safely Remove Drive feature like in MacOS or Windows on iPad, for now, maybe the next release Apple will consider to add those feature. And how you can safely remove the SSD drive in iPad Mini 5?

Before that, make sure there’s no file transfer is running and the LED is not blinking anymore or just solid light on the SSD drive enclosure. If the LED light is still blinking, and you see there’s no file to transfer or already completed, maybe the iPad still communication with the SSD, don’t ever to pulling out the cable and wait the LED is stop blinking.

There’s two methode to safely remove drive in iPad Mini, first method you can force close the iPad by double tapping on the Home button to showing recently app, find the Files app and swipe above to close the app and you can remove the SSD cable then.

The second method is turning off your iPad Mini, then remove the SSD cable and power, then you can turn on your iPad again.

That’s it how to Connect SSD Drive to iPad Mini 5 with Lightning to USB 3.0 adapter. Let me know in the comment section if you have a further question.