How to Fixing Macbook Pro Touchpad Hard to Press

Do you facing a problem right now with your Macbook Pro touchpad hard to press? It’s still working but you need an extra pressing to the touchpad. That happen with my MacBook Pro 2019 15 inch, I don’t think it’s normal the touchpad is really need extra pressing.

In this pandemic I always work from home and maybe 3-5 times work in Starbucks, mostly. And I always connect my Macbook Pro with external monitor from LG 29WK600 UltraWide monitor and almost never use the touchpad and lid always closed. I think maybe the problem because never use the touchpad, the lid always close and the heat is trapped inside makes the touchpad really hard to press and I saw my touchpad is little bit up on the edges.

So this is how I fixing my Macbook Pro Touchpad hard to press and I hope this also works for you. There’s no need to bring your Macbook Pro to Apple Store or Apple Authorised Reseller except the touchpad problem is not acceptable and need to fix by them. All you had to do is use touchpad many times in one week to make the touchpad working again to normal.

So, how to fixing Macbook Pro touchpad hard to press?

Honestly, that’s what I do, I feel the touchpad before back to normal is really need extra press, but after one week always use the touchpad, seems it’s back to normal again. No need to open the Macbook and no need any tools.

It happen in every corner of the touchpad

Do you think there’s an oil or smears or something like that inside the sophisticated Macbook Pro touchpad? If yes, maybe the oil is dry and need treatment with using it many times. 🤷‍♂️

So, that’s how I fix Macbook Pro touchpad hard to press. Let me know it works for you in the comment section.