How To Easily Change User Picture in MacOS Mojave

Hi Everybody!

How’s your experience using MacOS Mojave until this December 2018? Is it everything alright? I hope so. In my experience the one and only downside using MacOS Mojave in my MacBook Pro is WiFi still drop without any explanation, so I always use Ethernet cable in my home. That is it!

If you a new comer in Apple enviroment, fairly bit difficult to use MacOS for the first time, but you will get used to time to time. The first thing maybe you want to change is User Picture. And how to easily change user picture in MacOS Mojave? This tutorial also work for MacOS Sierra and MacOS High Sierra.

You can easily User Picture in MacOS Mojave by going to System Preferences > User & Groups > and click Edit on the picture you want to change. You can change it to available picture, but the problem is you cannot find Browse… options to choose other picture you own.

If you try to click Photos, you cannot find any picture there since you need to store your picture to Photos Gallery in your Macbook.

Yes, there’s missing Browse button for that, only Apple not making it for us. But, there’s a way to change User Picture in MacOS Mojave with your own picture.

Let the User Picture is open, find your own picture in Finder folder. If you find it, drag your own picture from the Finder onto the picture edit as shown below.

How To Easily Change User Picture in MacOS Mojave
Drag the picture from Finder onto the circle picture

Then you can start to Crop the picture, and click Save.

Next time you can follow the same way to change with other picture. If you still confuse, I made a video for better visual telling.